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the Creative Class

Season 1

A collection of conversations on the creative industries


About ‘Creative Class’

The ‘Creative Class’ series highlights influential people within the creative industry, sharing their thoughts, musings and opinions on their own creativity, the industry and how technology is changing it all.

In 2002 Richard Florida wrote about a group, named The Creative Class, that would form the driving force for the social and economic development of our post-industrial cities. A group of people made up of knowledge workers, designers, intellectuals and various types of artists. This group and their work represents an important shift in the way our world is developing.

Simultaneously, the technology-driven democratization of culture we witnessed in the past decades has brought along an era of unparalleled freedom for the creative industries, bringing along many challenges and opportunities. Many of today’s influential creatives, whether that’s musicians, designers, or scientists, are people who have smartly adapted to technology and adopted new ways of creating and putting out original ideas.

Awarded a gold Lovie award for best design and a Red Dot Award for online campaign, season one of the series explored the influential male voices in the industry. Featuring Damian Albarn, Tom Dixon, Marc Hare, Fred Deakin and Stefan Sagmeister. Season two brings you the perspective of leading female voices Olivia Merilahti, Nancy Tilbury, Jill Tarter and Penny Martin who span the vast industries of music, technology, space and fashion.

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WeTransfer connects the global creative community. Since 2009 we have made file-sharing super-simple, so you can spend time on what matters most. WeTransfer is also a stage for hand-picked talent. So through our platform, you will discover the latest art, music, design and lots of other stuff that won’t fit into this sentence.

Made in the Present Plus

Awards to date

  • Davey Awards Video/Moving Image, Silver, 2015
  • Lovie Awards Web - Best Design, Gold, 2015
  • W3 Awards 2015, Website - Computer IT, Gold, 2015
  • Red Dot Awards 2015, Communication - Online Advertising Campaign, Microsite, 2015