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the Creative Class Cuba

Season 3

A collection of conversations on the creative industry


Susu Salim

Wilfredo Prieto

Idania Del Rio Gonzalez

Edgaro Gonzales

Ildolidia Ramos


About ‘Creative Class’

The Creative Class highlights influential and innovative creatives from a broad range of disciplines. Filmed in their own surroundings, each subject shares their thoughts on their practice, their process and how technology is changing the way they work.

The series is named after the group identified by Richard Florida in 2002, the so-called creative class of designers, artists, technologists and academics who would dominate and define our post-industrial cities.

The multi-award-winning first two series featured the likes of Damon Albarn, Penny Martin, Stefan Sagmeister, Tom Dixon and Nancy Tilbury.

For Series Three, WeTransfer creative director and world-renowned DJ Gilles Peterson went to Cuba to sit down with five people shaping the creative landscape of this fascinating and rapidly-changing country.

A WeTransfer Project

WeTransfer is the simplest and safest way to send your files around the world. Since 2009 we have been connecting creatives and keeping them in their flow. Nowadays WeTransfer users send one billion files every month using our service, whose team is based between our offices in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

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Awards to date

  • Davey Awards Video/Moving Image, Silver, 2015
  • Lovie Awards Web - Best Design, Gold, 2015
  • W3 Awards 2015, Website - Computer IT, Gold, 2015
  • Red Dot Awards 2015, Communication - Online Advertising Campaign, Microsite, 2015
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